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Retirement Solutions

A key part of any future planning strategy is pensions. We will assist clients through the maze of pension schemes, legislation and tax benefits to successfully achieve the best results both pre and post retirement.


Some of the options available to achieve a positive outcome are:

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Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPPs)

A SIPP allows investors greater control to select the investments in their pension portfolio. You are not simply restricted to a range of funds offered by traditional pension providers. It is a flexible product that allows you, for instance, to include commercial property and undertake borrowings to maximise your investment capability.

It will give you all the tax benefits you receive from a traditional pension, whilst maintaining low entry costs and the added option of including some additional features should you choose.

Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS)

For a small to medium business a SSAS can represent the ideal pension vehicle to accumulate wealth tax efficiently. The scheme is allowed to make loans, including to the sponsoring company or borrow to purchase assets such as commercial property.

Annuity or Income Drawdown

When retirement age is reached or you simply wish to start drawing your income, a number of options are available. The most conventional route is to simply purchase an annuity. This is generally a contract whereby you hand over your pension pot in exchange for an income for the remainder of your life. Income Drawdown differs in that you only take an income each year from the overall pot whist retaining the remainder within a fund on the premise of future growth.